A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home

Jason Helopoulos joins us to speak about his book A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home. The discussion covers what family worship is, its elements, and its relationship to private and corporate worship. Pastor Helopoulos also provides practical advice about how to practice family worship especially for those who have neglected it in the past.

Jason is the Assistant Pastor at University Reformed Church in Lansing, Michigan (RCA). He attended Dallas Theological Seminary and completed a Masters of Theology degree (ThM) with a concentration in Historical Theology and Christian Education in 2003. He served on the staff of Park Cities Presbyterian Church as a pastoral intern for one year and then accepted a call as an Assistant Pastor at Meadowview Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Lexington, North Carolina. In the fall of 2007, Jason was called by Christ Church PCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan to plant a daughter church in Lansing, Michigan. He accepted the call and moved to the field (and snow) as church planter and pastored Providence PCA in East Lansing until 2012. In the summer of 2012, Jason accepted the call as Assistant Pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan and is currently serving this congregation, for which he feels blessed.

Jason is married to his beautiful bride, Leah. They are blessed with two wonderful children, Gracen and Ethan.

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Greg - (Tiribulus)

6 years ago


Really. THIS is where even genuine believers really miss it so often. Our “busy” lives never seem to be too busy for the game or other stuff we think is REALLY important. People who don’t embrace family worship as times of refreshing rather than a burden have missed the point of the gospel in my opinion. Of course nobody is flawlessly heroic in ANY area of godly practice and some days will be better than others as was said, but the man who must be drug into the things of God with his covenant family needs to seek the Holy Spirit to reevaluate his priorities. I was a spectacular failure in this area for most of my life and am looking down my nose at no one.


6 years ago

Loved it, thanks, was very helpful. I identified totally with the “not regular family case were all sit on laps” Cadmen and Jason described there families. I have a 3 and 1.5 year old that are pretty hyper! I wanted to ask if doing the reunion in the car is ok (I have a tight schedule). How many says a week is recommended? Thanks.

Jonathan Bonomo

6 years ago

Great episode with a good servant of Christ on a vitally important topic and a much needed book. There were many nuggets of practical wisdom shared here. Thank you, brothers.

Jonathan: Speaking for my own family, we generally do five days a week. As a pastor, The Lord’s Day is extremely busy for us all (morning to evening) and Wed. evening is our mid-week church Bible Study, so we generally do family worship Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, with the other two days taken up in gathering with the larger body. But the general rule is that if we are home and not with the church, we have family worship at the table after supper. As Jason says, the keys are brevity, simplicity, and consistency.

Frank den Hartigh

6 years ago

Love your work at the reformed forum. This convicted me, making me more zealous of the family worship time. Our church has been making a new Psalter Hymnal (Sing to the Lord/ Reformed Churches of New Zealand) most of our singing at the table is centered on the psalms with a kids praise song at the end. Any song that I can’t figure the tune out, I simply go online to the webpage and play it. Thanks once again. Peace from down under.



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