Judges and Redemptive History

The Christ the Center panel discusses the book of Judges, considering its relationship to redemptive history and to the redeemer Jesus Christ. During the “no man’s land” of redemptive history, as Israel awaits the promised king, her people again and again do what is right in their own eyes under the rule of judges who appear morally ambiguous at best. The discussion illustrates how a book that narrates a downward spiral of failure points upward and forward to a great king.

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Philip Walker

4 years ago

Thanks, guys. I really like Judges, too! The very human characters God chooses are, as you said, such a wonderful illustration of his grace, and the typology is so strong.

A couple of points I picked up that I think you didn’t dwell on, but which really resonated with me:
a. the, ahem, colourful family history of Jephthah and Moses. We might add Ehud’s origin from the runt tribe of Israel. Looks to me like God has a habit of raising up his saviours out of doubtful parentage.
b. when Samson pulls down the “heart of darkness” from between its pillars, he has a hand on the pillar to his left, and one on the pillar to the right, his arms are outstretched to save the people of God. (First Moses, then Samson!) So here is a nice idea for the preacher of Samson, to stretch out his arms, illustrating Samson’s salvation-through-self-sacrifice, and to ask whether you know a saviour like this.

Lots of other things I could say. I love the little details, like the way Mrs Manoah shows more spiritual insight than Mr Manoah. No self-respecting Israelite man would have written that unless it were true, and what an encouragement to believing wives and mothers!

The Angel of the LORD appears a few times in Judges. Have you guys ever done a CtC on this divine character?

Greg - (Tiribulus)

4 years ago

Another perfectly splendid episode.

Jephthah and his daughter are a rough one fer sher. That story starts with a report of the Spirit of the Lord being upon Jephthah.


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