Vos Group #10 – Between Noah and the Patriarchs, Part 1

Dr. Lane Tipton returns for Vos Group #10, to speak about the first two points of chapter six of Vos’ Biblical Theology (pp. 56–59). The first point of chapter six is The prophetic deliverances of Noah [Gen. 9:20–27], and The table of the nations.

Roughly each month, Lane and Camden will work through the pages of Vos’ Biblical Theology. While Vos’ book is foundational, it’s tough for the “uninitiated” to access. This will be a great opportunity for study groups to listen to our discussions and work things out together. We hope everyone who participates will learn more about Reformed biblical theology. Pick up a copy of Biblical Theology and get on the BT wagon!

Lane G. Tipton is Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He has appeared numerous times on our programs. Please visit our archives to listen to Dr. Tipton speak about a range of theological topics.

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Christ the Center focuses on Reformed Christian theology. In each episode a group of informed panelists discusses important issues in order to encourage critical thinking and a better understanding of Reformed doctrine with a view toward godly living. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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Frank den Hartigh

5 years ago

Thanks for this, I learnt a lot. It connected the redemption of Gods people from start to finish so well and the pastoral application discussion at the end, wow. Thank you so much for these podcasts, I have so much to learn.

Sean Holm

5 years ago

Thank you gentlemen very much for your work here. My wife and I listen to these Vos Group discussions on Lord’s Day evenings and have benefited greatly. I appreciate the careful way you guys talk through various ideas and the commentary you provide on Vos’s work. I hope that you persevere through the lengthy series that this will be. Keep em’ comin’!!


5 years ago

I was concerned about a few elements in this part of Vos, which I don’t recall you guys mentioning. First, there’s the paragraph on p. 57 beginning “Finally we must in passing touch upon the critical solution of the problem in hand. The divisive critics…”. Usually when Vos says something like this he concludes with reason(s) why this is an incorrect interpretation. I can’t find that here (unless “This, of course, requires the deletion of the words…” is that reason).

Then, in the paragraph about the Table of Nations, Vos opens with this bomb: “As a piece of word-revelation this does not properly belong to the period with which we are dealing. It is something incorporated into the Mosaic account, from whatever source derived.” Is that not a critical approach? What is Vos’ point there?



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