The Message of the General Epistles

In this episode, Brandon Crowe introduces the redemptive-historical message of Peter, James, John, and John. Dr. Crowe is Associate Professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. His latest book, The Message of the General Epistles in the History of Redemption: Wisdom from James, Peter, John, and Jude (P&R Publishing) shares important insights from these oft-neglected books of Scripture.

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Bruce Sanders

5 years ago

While you did not give details, you made mention that Jude 14-15 quotes from Enoch 1:9; a book also quoted in the biblical book Baruch and by early Church Fathers (Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria, and in Barnabas 16:5)).

Perhaps you could have a follow-up podcast on Reformed authors who have addressed Middle Judaism: the religion which used Enoch as part of its scriptures … the religion which opposed the Pharisees whom Jesus also opposed … the religion which some suspect Jesus was part of as indicated by his ‘works-based’ Beatitude statements (e.g. “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”) (Matt 5:3-10).

Brett Gilbert

5 years ago

Not sure if it’s on my end of yours, but this episode doesn’t seem to come up in the feed through the Podcast app on the iPhone.

Brett Gilbert

5 years ago

Sorry, my end *or* yours.


5 years ago


It will have come in at the bottom, old end of your list – or at least it has on mine….dated 1970!

Randy Brown

5 years ago

Greatly enjoyed this episode and will be purchasing Dr. Crowe’s book in the near future. Looking forward to taking his class at WTS in about two years.



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