The History and Legacy of the Huguenots

Dr. William Edgar details the French Reformation and the Huguenots, connecting it through history in order to teach us about God’s plan for his church amidst struggle. Dr. Edgar is Professor of Apologetics and John Boyer Chair of Evangelism and Culture at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also serves as president of The Huguenot Fellowship, a non-profit organization committed to supporting the Reformation heritage in the French-speaking world.


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5 years ago

Great episode. I would love if Dr. Edger could come back and talk about the Jansenists.


5 years ago

Could I request a list of the books referenced in print? I was able to track down two of them, I believe.

Thank you!


4 years ago

Great to hear Bill in such vigor and command of French history and pronunciations. He is much in our prayers and we hope he returns to Reformed Forum soon with the same insight and elegance that he has shown throughout his career.

Jesse Light

4 years ago

Is there any way someone can get this excellent Huguenot autobiography back into print? It’s a fantastic primary source, and it features Huguenots fighting pirates: https://books.google.com/books/about/A_tale_of_the_Huguenots.html?id=0PkQAAAAIAAJ



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