Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel

Today we speak with Dr. K. Scott Oliphint, Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about Cornelius Van Til’s book Common Grace and the Gospel (P&R Publishing). Dr. Oliphint has annotated a new edition of Van Til’s important work. In the trajectory of other recently annotated volumes of Van Til, such as The Defense of the Faith and An Introduction to Systematic Theology, this edition will help readers to understand the ecclesiastical and theological context of Van Til’s work and its enduring value.


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Hermonta Godwin

2 years ago

I want to know why none of these annotated Van Til works are available on kindle? It is 2015!

Cris D.

2 years ago

Hermonta – A rhetorical question? Reformed Forum doesn’t control modes of publishing for P&R;neither does Dr. Oliphint. While it is 2015, and a variety of digital publishing paths are available (Kindle is not the only game in town), it is still a world of publishing rights and marketing agreements. Old or existing agreements for distribution are not automatically abrogated or updated because new technologies appear. Also, it is a matter of publishers deciding if they can agree to Amazon rules for Kindle, Apple rules for iBooks, etc. A publisher still needs to see a decent return on sales to stay in existence. Your question is best addressed to

Cris Dickason

2 years ago

Tweeted this podcast along with this “sort of” haiku:
Builds on Kuyper, Bavinck too, Whole Counsel of God is what we do. Haiku for Van Til, Common Grace & the Gospel.
Conjured it up for LibraryThing works page on the original edition.

earl maier

2 years ago

May I suggest a show on Murray’s Article on the free offer where a critique was offered by Rev. Winzer as seen here.

Camden may I suggest such because IMMHO this show pointed towards a God that acts because of contingencies that do not flow from the necessity of His being. There should be no “middle ground” in theology proper, though the distinction of the wills of Jesus should be kept in mind, because His human will is what I believe Professor Oliphint is mistaking as “theology proper” so far as concerning the divine nature. This all stems from a mistaken view of the volitional will of God which is rampant in our reformed circles today.


2 years ago

Do all divine actions flow from ‘the necessity of his nature’, as you put it?


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