The Church in the Old Testament

Jonathan Brack explains a Reformed ecclesiology which spans Old and New Testaments. He touches upon covenant theology, polity, and other foundational issues as he speaks about important books on ecclesiology.


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Glen Clary

2 years ago

I thought the church age started in 1936. 😉


2 years ago

Some say there are churches before that, and there is always one invisible church, but all we know is it’s the Only Perfect Church.

Benjamin P. Glaser

2 years ago

The church would be a richer place if seminarians read George Gillespie prior to getting to doctoral work.

Did I hear Jonathan correctly that he had never heard of Aaron’s Rod Blossoming prior to Dr. Trueman’s recommendation?

You can find an online copy below

Jonathan Brack

2 years ago

Yep. That is correct. We read plenty of Bannerman, Bavinck, and Calvin and even some Rutherford, but it wasn’t until a Th.M. class that I was pointed to Aaron’s Rod.

I truly believe that had Gillespie lived longer, he would be more popular than Owen. Looking forward to meeting him in the future!

I am slowly coming to the same convictions on Robinson’s discourses on Redemption… This should be a 101 course requirement!

Adam McNeal

1 year ago

Is it just me or do the links to the volumes by Gillespie and Douglas Bannerman not work?


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