Presbytopia: What it Means to be Presbyterian

Attending a Reformed church for the first time can be a daunting task. Joining one may seem even more challenging. Ken Golden has written an excellent book to help, and he joins us today to speak about it. Presbytopia: What it Means to be Presbyterian (Christian Focus) is an accessible yet uncompromising introduction to Christian essentials, Reformed distinctives, and the means of grace. Ken Golden is pastor of Sovereign Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Davenport, Iowa.

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4 years ago

Pre-ordered a copy from Amazon. Looking forward to reading and using this book. I remember Ken from the presbytery of the Mid-west in my licensure days, he was a great encouragement to me. Blessings to all.

Henk Blom

4 years ago

Excellent episode. Thanks so much, Pastor Golden, for your work in this book. I resonate with the approach of making complex ideas simple and understandable to the average saint. Will be ordering and reading this book shortly, and look forward to using it at our church.


4 years ago

As a Kenyan, I often despair of the situation here in Kenya where the largest and most noticeable Presbyterian church; the PCEA (Presbyterian Church in East Africa) is highly compromised by all manner of rot; dominion theology, tribalism, relativism, even theological liberalism and Barthianism! The same can be said of the Reformed Church in East Africa; the RCEA. The sad things is that many churches here have successfully convinced anyone keen on taking a second look at them that “we Africans don’t really ‘do’ theology the way it is done in ‘the West’ and that there are things which just don’t translate into our African context” -all the while, they seek to hide and foster all the insanity going on behind the curtains! There are still a few good men labouring in these denominations but they are most definitely few.
There is however another smaller and seemingly more faithful denomination here; the AEPC (African Evangelical Presbyterian Church) but I am yet to follow up on it comprehensively.
As Americans you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which conservative Reformed denominations to align yourselves to. I pray for the day that there will be true Presbyterianism here in Kenya.

Chris Schroeder

3 years ago

Finished the book yesterday; outstanding. So well written. I pray it finds a wide readership.
Now looking forward to listening to this interview.

Mark Fisher

3 years ago

Rev. Golden,

Warmest regards from Solon, Ia! As a member of another reformed Presbyterian congregation in Iowa (Hope PCA in North Liberty) I wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts and hope to fellowship with you some time. I really enjoyed your podcast.

Ken Golden

3 years ago

Thanks for all your kind words about the book. I enjoyed the podcast very much.


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