Thomas Boston: Preacher of the Fourfold State

The panel of Christ the Center had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Philip Graham Ryken, Senior Minister of historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, with regard to his doctoral dissertation, Thomas Boston: Preacher of the Fourfold State. Dr. Ryken has authored many other books, including Galatians and 1 Timothy in the Reformed Expository Commentary series, The Heart of the Cross, Message of Salvation, and The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel with James Montgomery Boice.

In this interview Dr. Ryken explains the significance of Boston as a preacher, theologian and pastor with regard to his sermons on the fourfold state of man (i.e. man in the state of innocence, man in the state of nature [corruption], man in the state of grace, and man in the state of glory or condemnation). Among other things, we talked with Dr. Ryken about Boston’s literary dependence, his contribution to the understanding of union with Christ, his use of illustrations in preaching, and other valuable works written by Boston. We hope this interview will serve as a helpful introduction to the life and writings of Thomas Boston, preacher of the fourfold state.


  • Dr. Phil Ryken
  • Nick Batzig
  • Jim Cassidy
  • Camden Bucey


Boston, Thomas. Human nature in its fourfold state : of primitive integrity, entire depravity, begun recovery, and consummate happiness or misery. London: Banner of Truth Trust, 1964.

Case, Thomas. The morning exercise methodized … London: E.M.for Ralph Smith, 1660.

Fisher, Edward. The marrow of modern divinity. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. Boston Mass.: Henchman, 1743.

Ryken, Philip. Thomas Boston (1676–1732) as preacher of the Fourfold state, 1995.

Willison, John. An example of plain catechising upon the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism … with a preface briefly demonstrating the truth of the Christian revelation … Philadelphia: Printed and sold by D. Hogan, 1806.

—. Sacramental meditations and advices proper for communicants on sacramental occasions : together with a short Christian directory, proper for all Christians intending Heaven. Brookfield [Mass.]: Printed by E. Merriam & Co., 1818.

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Philip Walker

11 years ago

What was the opening music? Me like!

Camden Bucey

11 years ago

I apologize to all those who didn’t get this episode in their feed readers Friday morning. I had an issue with FeedBurner. It’s taken care of now.

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