The Reformed Church in Latvia

Mark Vander Hart and Cornelis P. Venema join us to speak about the Reformed church in Latvia. Mark Vander Hart is Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Cornelis Venema is President and Professor of Doctrinal Studies. Both men have taught at Baltic Reformed Seminary in Riga, Latvia.


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Benjamin P. Glaser

3 years ago

This may be one of the best interviews you have ever done. So fascinating.

Benjamin Glaser

3 years ago

Would love to hear more interviews like this.

Camden Bucey

3 years ago

Thanks Benjamin. I enjoyed it myself. I’d love to do more.

Brett Chase

3 years ago

Great interview! I’m a huge fan of M-ARS and Drs. Vander Hart and Venema. My wife and I visited Latvia with YWAM back in 1995 and during that visit became friends with Rev. Ungars Gulbis during our time there. Back then he was a young, single man with a new zeal for Jesus (before he was pastor of Riga Reformed Church). He would ride the buses and trains with us in Riga and we would talk about the English Puritans together. A trip we’ll never forget!

Thanks for making ITEM, BRTS, and the Reformed Church in Latvia known to a broader audience.

David C Decker

11 months ago

I’m in Riga visiting my son, Noah and would like to find a reformed Church in Riga today to worship at. I’m at Wellton Riverside Spa till 3/18/2019. Phone 419-345-2787, email: yom24hrday@aol.com
Room 225 at hotel



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