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The Book of Revelation – Part 8

In episode 48, Rob and Bob discuss chapter 8 of the Book of Revelation.

There is something that I love about submarines. It amazes me that a metal tube filled with people can dive to depths that try their best to crush them. It amazes me. The captain of a submarine is charged with piloting this machine blind. He has maps, sonar, computers but he still must decide how far, at what degree, when to turn and at what depth he needs to maneuver at. In order to perform these maneuvers, he must tell those who steer the ship at what degree and what angle the sub needs to be at. He will talk with the engine room to change speeds. The sailors that are making these changes never know why they are making them. They can’t see out the window so they don’t know what they are trying to avoid. In the end it is the faith in the ability of the captain that keeps them calm. In Revelation chapter 8 we are given vivid descriptions regarding the judgment of God that He is unleashing on the earth. John must have been terrified. If we go through life and take our eyes off of the fact that the Kingdom of God is being built by King Jesus we will react to disasters with greater fear. We don’t see what God is doing and why He is doing it, but one of the great comforts of the book of Revelation is that we do not need to know why God is doing what He is doing, we just need to be obedient to His word and trust Him. But this passage can still be very troubling. Where did these trumpets come from? Why is blood mixed with incense and do Eagles usually talk?


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