Vos Group #31 — The Third and Fourth Words

We continue our #VosGroup series by opening pages 137–143 of Vos’ book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to consider the third and fourth commandments. The third commandment prohibits taking the Lord’s name in vain. Often, this is interpreted to mean we must not swear by the Lord’s name or blaspheme it. While these are certainly things we must not do, Vos communicates a much deeper understanding of the commandment that pertains to the pagan practice of word-magic. He also introduces a rich eschatological view of Sabbath rest.

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Jordan McCord

1 year ago

I love what Vos has to say about the third word and how that relates to the use of “…in Jesus’ name!” as a synonym for “abracadabra” in some form of declaration. I hear that all the time and it makes me cringe.



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