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The Book of Revelation – Part 10

Martin Luther has famously said that even if he knew that Jesus was going to return tomorrow that he would plant a tree today. What Luther was trying to point out was that our lives are to be lived in the day that we are given and we are supposed to be responsible for what our tasks here are now. But what are our tasks? Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 verses 19-20. As we live our lives we are to think foremost about proclaiming the Gospel and discipline others. Is this how Christians live today? It is so easy to be complacent, avoiding even the most obvious opportunities to witness, we believe that Jesus is returning soon but do we live like that. In Revelation 10 we are told that even today the final trumpet is about to blow and when that happens the end comes. Luther’s point was that we have been given work to do by Christ and we are to continue to do it till the moment of His return. How does John set this up in this passage? Why can we not know what the seven thunders say and why do prophets keep eating books?


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