The Coherence-Based Genealogical Method

Today we welcome Peter Gurry to speak about New Testament textual criticism. Peter is a PhD candidate at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge and has written an article titled, “How Your Greek NT is Changing: A Simple Introduction to the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method (CBGM)” (JETS Volume 59, No. 4, 675–689). The coherence-based genealogical method was used in editing the Catholic epistles for the NA28 and UBS5 critical editions of the New Testament.

In this conversation, we learn about the basic principles of the method and how it differs from traditional approaches. We also discuss its advantages and the challenges that lay ahead in terms of scholarly reception and methodological refinement.


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Arjen Vreugdenhil

3 years ago

Toward the end of the episode, Camden sketches the complexity of a statistical approach to the problem of stemmatology–“for the mathematically inclined”. This definitely goes beyond addition and division.

It reminded me of the work one of my Mathematics professors was doing in the 1990s, at the Free University in Amsterdam. I was not involved in his research, but I remember he was taking a systematic approach to stemmatology of printed editions. I am curious to know to what extent Biblical textual criticism takes advantage, not only of computational power, but also of mathematical approaches developed for this kind of investigation.


3 years ago

Ah, the bible is changing again. And even better, the priest craft of the magisterium of scholars is even more esoteric. I wonder if the software they use is “infallible?” I wonder if any more catechism questions like SC 107 falls off the boards? Actually, they should open source it so that we can pick and chose what variants we want. No, better yet, they should publish the “Gefuhl Bible”, each individual get worked up into an existential trance to subjectively discern see if any of the variants “become” the Word of God


3 years ago

It stripped my angle brackets denoting that the above post was tongue in cheek. I love reformed forum, just poking fun with KJVO-style quips.


2 months ago

I think you’re understanding of the methods used in the derived global stemmata is very much a straw man attempt misrepresenting lack of scholarly collaboration, good faith and mastery of ancestral attestation to the variation expected from thousands of years in lawmen free transmission of manuscripts in antiquity


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