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The Book of Revelation – Part 16

I am sure that everyone listening to this podcast has seen the bumper sticker that say “coexist”. Each letter symbolizes a great religion of the world. For many who proudly display this plea there is a reasoning that if they can with their roving auto-witness persuade people from one particular faith to embrace the equal status of all the other religions then peace will ensue upon the Earth. For some this plea is made because they abhor killing and strife that they see in the world and they think that by people accepting each other’s belief as just as valid as their own they will ensure peace. But there is an underlying worldview behind this message—there is no absolute truth. To call for every religion to be placed upon the same level of truth is to either claim ignorance or to declare that all truth is relative to the individual who believes it. Is it possible to coexist in this way? Will all persecution stop if Christians just stop claiming to have the true religion? Should governments hold all religions as the same or should they remain neutral? We will discuss these and other questions today on Theology Simply Profound.

Theology Simply Profound is a podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving the western suburbs of Chicago, where God powerfully speaks through his means of grace. Also, check out the work of the OPC in Chicagoland at Chicago Reformed.

Music credit: pamelayork.com. Thank you, Pamela York, for the use of your beautiful jazzy rendition of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” We encourage our listeners to check out her website and consider purchasing some of her music.

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Theology Simply Profound considers how even the simple truths God has revealed to us in his Word are deeply profound. Reformed theology need not be for scholars alone, it is for every believer. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.


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