T. F. Torrance and Apostolic Succession

Rev. Chiarot is the pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Rock Tavern, New York. He joins us today to speak about “T. F. Torrance and Apostolic Succession,” an article he wrote for Participatio. He has also written, The Unassumed Is the Unhealed: The Humanity of Christ in the Christology of T. F. Torrance (Pickwick, 2013).


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Randall Van Der Sterren

3 years ago

Not only do you guys fawn over Karl Barth, now you fawn over the Karl Barth of Scotland. Pathetic and embarrassing. As if the PCA wasn’t treading leftward enough.

Why do people like “Rev. Chiarot, the pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Rock Tavern,” waste years of their lives and a fortune in school expenses on something that so useless for either the church and the world?

Will you guys be digging up forgotten neo-orthodox eggheads like G.C. Berkower and Henrikus Berkhof out of the library stacks too?


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