Discontent in the Ministry

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey revisit Paul Woolley’s article, “Discontent!” as it pertains to the ministry of the church. Woolley presents two forms of discontent in the church that lead either to pursuing a worldly or Christ-centered agenda. While Woolley wrote in 1944, his lessons are just as applicable today. Dr. Woolley was a founding faculty member of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and taught at the seminary from 1929 until his retirement in 1977. He also became a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church upon its founding in 1936.

At the end of the episode, Jonathan Brack shares several fascinating stories about the early professors, such as Paul Woolley and John Murray, at Westminster Theological Seminary.

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Chris Cullnane II

2 years ago

I took a class in the 1970s at Grace Seminary called Philosophy of Religion that analysized neo-evangelicalism. Westminister Seminary was not considered neo-evangelical by the professor.


2 years ago

Great episode!

In response to the concern that our Confessional Standards, especially the catechisms, not be assumed but should be “actively used” (41:36 in the audio above). I think this is a key issue for all the NAPARC churches but I don’t hear anyone talking about how to guard against it or how to increase their use among the ordinary Christians in the pew.

Why is there no conversation going on about modernizing the wording of Confessional Standards across all NAPARC? I think many ministers are out of touch with how incomprehensible the phrasing is for twenty first century people. Most people have no clue what phrases like “want of conformity” or “repentance unto life” mean. People sit down to read this stuff and they just get bogged down and turned off because of the archaic phrasing. Why can’t we be clear? Why can’t we modernize wording without changing theological meaning? Is that not possible? I belied it is and should be done if we genuinely want to see the Confessional Standards “actively used” by the ordinary Christians. I do not consider the 1993 Modern English Study Version (MESV) of the WCF to be modern enough. It still retains too many archaic phrases.


2 years ago

Great discussion. I would have like to hear some discussion on what is appropriate for small churches that have member mostly 50 and (mostly) above, and in a community that is not growing. I’m trying to attract people (especially younger families), although it is to and with the ordinary means of grace.


2 years ago


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