Episode 500: Doctrine for Life

We celebrate five-hundred episodes of Christ the Center with an open discussion on worship, the regulative principle, and the apologetic impetus. Join us for a conversation that ties together many of our favorite themes from the past nine+ years.


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Christ the Center focuses on Reformed Christian theology. In each episode a group of informed panelists discusses important issues in order to encourage critical thinking and a better understanding of Reformed doctrine with a view toward godly living. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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Chris Cullnane II

2 years ago

Does anyone remember David Mains book “Full Circle”? Somewhat similar.

A Anderson

2 years ago

This clarifies the Bill Dennison interview. Could anyone direct me to more on the statement that the preached word is the Word? Thank you.

Jim Cassidy

2 years ago

You can start with the 2nd Helvetic:


Not sure where to go from there.

Glen Clary

2 years ago

Calvin and other theologians spoke of the preached word as the Word as the Second Helvetic Confession indicates. For more on that subject, check out this article on Calvin’s theology of preaching.

A Anderson

2 years ago

I am on a steep learning curve as fairly new to reformed theology and Presbyterianism and trying to sort out the inter-Presbyterian debates. I am guessing from Dr. Dennison, and then this podcast, that the OPC and PCA have major differences in how they view the relationship of Christ, the church, and culture. Where some in the PCA (Tim Keller, John Frame, Bill Edgar?) see building blocks of new creation, the OPC would find antithesis, stones to be rejected? Would Bavinck and Vos be rightly identified as neo-Calvinists of the Dutch tradition, at the foundation of the way the PCA views culture? As you see, I am late to the discussion and trying to get a foothold to go forward.

Glen Clary

2 years ago

Indeed, there are major differences in how the OPC and PCA view the relationship between Christ, the church, and culture. One good resource on the OPC’s viewpoint is Charlie Dennison’s History for a Pilgrim People. Another good resource that covers the same territory is Fighting the Good Fight by John Muether and D. G. Hart. On the PCA side of things, check out For a Continuing Church by Sean Michael Lucas.

The question about Bavinck and Vos is a bit difficult to answer because Dutch neo-Calvinism is not monolithic. Both theologians would rightly be classified as Dutch neo-Calvinists, but which particular subset of that movement is more difficult to state. Bill Dennison wants to distinguish Bavinck’s view–which he believes is in keeping with a horizontal eschatology–and Vos’s view, which he refers to as a vertical eschatology. The former sees the redemption of culture as a gradual process; the latter, sees it as a sudden transformation that occurs as the second coming of Christ. That’s surely an oversimplification of their views, but they appear to me to be basically correct–though I’m not authority on Bavinck or Vos.



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