The Eschatology of the Image of God

We speak about God’s original intent for the image of God and how his offer to Adam in the garden was of a higher, consummate mode of life.

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David Butler

2 years ago

I have listened to this podcast twice in an effort to unpack it, and I still haven’t scratched the surface. In “Paul: An Outline of His Theology”, Ridderbos takes up some of the same themes.

From section 9:
“… the resurrection of Christ in fact means the breakthrough of the new aeon in the real, redemptive -historical sense of the word … because Jesus was the Christ, his resurrection is not … an isolated occurrence, but in it the time of salvation promised in Him, the new creation, dawns in an overwhelming manner, as a decisive transition from the old to the new world.

“As the Firstborn among many, … Christ goes before them, he opens up a way for them, he joins their future to his own.

“The expression, ‘the last Adam,’ is again highly typical of the eschatological character of Paul’s preaching: Christ is thereby designated as the Inaugurator if a new humanity. And it is once more this resurrection from the dead that has made him this last Adam.

“Christ and Adam stand over against one another as the great representatives of the two aeons, that of life and that of death.

“It is in Christ’s death and resurrection that the present aeon has lost its power and hold on the children of Adam and that the new things have come. … the entire unfolding of the salvation that has dawned in Christ … harks back to his death and resurrection, because all facets in which this salvation appears and all the names by which it is described are ultimately nothing other than the unfolding of what this all-important breakthrough of life in death, of the kingdom of God in this present world , contains within itself. “


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