Uncovering the Theme of Revelation in Romans 1:16–3:26

Dr. Marcus Mininger, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, speaks about the theme of revelation in the book of Romans. In his book, Uncovering the Theme of Revelation in Romans 1:16–3:26: Discovering a New Approach to Paul’s Argument (Mohr Siebeck), Dr. Mininger argues for approaching Romans 1–3 through a new interpretive paradigm that features revelation over reading Paul’s words primarily through a soteriological or sociological framework.

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Gregory Baus

9 months ago

Did you guys fail to mention the wordplay in the title? Thought it merited mentioning. 😉

Richard J Simpson

7 months ago

This series is an excellent example of the reformed way of thinking reforming itself. Re – forming.
The position taken is really like solving the Rubic’s cube. It stands correcting both the traditional view (or at least reforming it) and the “new perspective” view. This is one of the most helpful things i have listened to in years. Thank you for making it available. It is a very satisfying position on these three chapters and beyond that shows how truly reformed thinking is always critiquing and reforming itself.


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