Reading Van Til, Evangelicals & Catholicism, and African Ontology & Epistemology

In this episode, we answer questions from our listeners and discuss a few things we’ve been contemplating recently. We discuss a proposed reading list for the works of Cornelius Van Til, worshiping on Sunday, Evangelicals and Catholics Together, and African worldview and theology. It’s a wide-ranging conversation and one we hope you enjoy.

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Richard Lindberg

2 years ago

I’ve read Defense of the Faith. Right now I am working my way through his syllabi, though I am now reading Survey of Christian Epistemology. There I am reading Van Til’s review of Augustine. Van Til is easier to read than Augustine.


2 years ago

I’m starting with Vos, but have to admit, probably especially given my only time to read it at night after a long day, I am struggling.


2 years ago

Don’t be too down, it takes a few readings of Vos before you really start grasping him.

Kedric Webster

2 years ago

Really appreciate this podcast. I listened to the whole thing to get to the part about African theology and it was worth the wait. It is fascinating to learn about Kwame Bediako.

The Wikipedia page about him said he had two doctorates. The institute he helped found, the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, states that it’s “a scholarly institution established by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana to serve the wider Christian community in Ghana and Africa.” The headline on the home page says “God is the primary reality in all things.” Well that’s eye opening.

It was Philip Jenkins that first awakened in me the presence of the ancient Christian faith as found in Africa and what can be called Mesopotamian Christianity, or the Church of the East. His book on the Lost History of Christianity is a jewel of information that contains primary sources from ancient writers who identified their Metropolitan as Baghdad. As far as being unaware of what else is out there, these sources can also be added to it.



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