The History of Heaven

Lane Tipton speaks about his recent conference addresses and his newly available video course, Foundations of Covenant Theology. In this conversation, we seek to address the question of the Spiritual character of the law as an administration of the Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament and set the priority for the history of heaven as a frame of reference for understanding covenant theology in general and the law’s relationship to the Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace in particular.

In the beginning in Genesis 1:1, “heavens” is a reference to an archetypal temple-dwelling of God. Before God creates an earthly temple or tabernacle, he makes a heavenly temple dwelling that he fills with the glory of his Spirit and populates with angels. The earth is a replica of these invisible heavens. Prior to a history on earth per se, there is a bona fide history of heaven, which results in the Lord being enthroned in heaven at the end of the creation week. Covenant history now moves forward with the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ to this throne and his return when he will bring his people into this glory.


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Chuck Noren

5 months ago

I enjoyed this session. I’ve been listening to Lane Tipton for several years now on Reformed Forum. He has helped me a lot in understanding Covenant Theology. In fact, it is Dr. Tipton, along with others, Camden Bucey, that have convinced me to go over to the OPC side from the PCA. Our church, Christ PCA in Marietta, GA, is merging with Geneva OPC and becoming Christ Orthodox Presbyterian Church (COPC). Lane Tipton, along with the fine people at Geneva OPC, William Wood (who has also been on Reformed Forum), and Camden Bucey, can be considered spiritual fathers to COPC, which will have its first service on December 8, 2019. Thank you all for your faithful work in teaching the Reformed Faith.

John-Anthony Martinez

5 months ago

Camden can you suggest any resources, regarding the topic you mentioned (as it regards to our confessional baptist-1689-brothers), that interact critically with the their view (again, specifically with the topic you mentioned). The min mark is 37:30 (roughly) to about 38:30 (again, roughly). Thanks in advance, and much appreciation for you brothers (been following since the beginning-Christ Castle).


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