The Song of David’s Son

We are pleased to welcome Iain D Campbell to speak about a covenantal approach to interpreting the Song of Solomon. Dr. Campbell wrote a wonderful article in the Spring 2000 issue of the Westminster Theological Journal on the subject and he brings his insights to the panel. In addition to his article, Iain D has written several books including Doctrine of Sin, The Gospel According to Ruth, Heroes and Heretics, On the First Day of the Week, Opening up Exodus, and The Seven Wonders of the World: The Gospel in the Storyline of the Bible.

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Tim Wilson

11 years ago

This is an interesting discussion. I’d like to read Campbell’s article, how do I get a hold of it?

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Nicholas T. Batzig

11 years ago


I posted a link to the Galaxie Journal website at Feeding on Christ (www.feedingonchrist.com). You have to pay for a subscription in order to get this and many other articles. I think it is worth the annual fee. The other option you have is to purchase the Spring 2000 volume of the Westminster Theological Journal.

M. Jay Bennett

11 years ago

Very good discussion!


Spurred on by Edwards’s summary of the history of redemption as God’s gathering a bride for his Son, I was thinking about the image of marriage in the Bible recently. I noticed that the first words recorded from Adam are his singing over his new bride with great joy (Gen. 2:23). Then later in the Bible the prophet Zephaniah speaks of redeemed Israel as the daughter of Jerusalem. The prophet writes, [the Lord] will rejoice over [her’] with gladness; he will quiet [her] by his love; he will exult over [her] with loud singing” (Zeph 3:17b). Just as the first Adam rejoiced over his bride in song, so also the Second Adam.

Nicholas T. Batzig

11 years ago


Very interesting observation. It is interesting that the Bible opens with a bride for Adam and closes with a bride for the second Adam.

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11 years ago

[…] are two distinct interviews done by Nick Batzig at the Twin Lakes Fellowship. The first is with Iain Campbell on the Song of Solomon. The second is with Jon Payne on Reformed worship. Good, edifying, Sabbath […]

Mike Iliff

11 years ago

This was an extremely interesting broadcast – aside from the program itself. I had a very good friend (died a few years ago aged 84 – now with the Saviour) that wrote a commentary / thesis on the Song in almost complete obscurity. In fact it was the Doctor (Lloyd-Jones) that encouraged him to write the work. He spent probably 30 – 40 years on this and read / consulted just about everything that has (at the time) ever been written on the Song. He had no formal qualifications but as the General Secretary of The Evangelical Tract Society (as it was then) attended the ministers fraternal at Westminster Chapel chaired by DMLJ. At one meeting (I have a friend that confirms this) a question was asked about the Song and DMLJ deferred to Eric Williams as a walking encyclopaedia on the Song. He typed (closely typed A4) it on an old typewriter in his 8 X 4 shed in the garden. UK listeners will have a vision of this!

His basic Thesis is that the Song is a theology of revival and is about Christ & The Church. I’m not at this moment sure what has become of the original manuscript – I’ll have to check with his wife (now in her late 70s). However, I do have a copy of it. It’s complete with a full Index & full bibliography. Eric believed that a book without an index was a book not meant to be studied. His book has an index for that reason. He was completely self taught – learning about indexing and then writing one.

Eric told me the Doctor was the only person that understood him – he and his wife were members at Westminster Chapel.

Personally I would love to see this work made available via the internet. This would involve a considerable amount of work where interest is hard to gauge.

But anyway, the program reminded me of Eric and sitting at his feet as a young Christian and listening to him talking about the Song.

Roger Ryan

1 year ago

This may look ‘out of the blue’ but Eric Williams was also my friend and I worked with him for a while at ETS in Harrow. He also spoke with me about the Song but being a new Christian I did not understand that much.
Is his work on the Song available either online or printed?
Please advise.
thank you.
Roger Ryan

Dr. Benjamin Shaw on Song of Songs « Reformation Faith Today

11 years ago

[…] Dr. Benjamin Shaw on Song of Songs With recent sensationalism (read Driscoll) regarding this OT book, Nick Batzig writes: It is an understatement to say that it is bothersome to me to find so many in our day “stripping it” (pun intended) of its spiritual and Christological purpose. We, in the Reformed camp are quick to affirm that the Old Testament is about Christ and the redemption the Covenant God provides for us in Him. As one who espouses covenant theology, I am committed to the Christo-centricity of the whole OT. There is, however, a sad shift in our day in regard to one OT book–the superlative Song of David’s son. There is more than ample evidence that it was not meant to be a glorified sex manual, and yet, that is exactly what it has been reduced to, even in “calvinistic” churches. It is for this reason that I encourage our readers to check out Ben Shaw’s post here.  If you would like a more nuanced hermeneutical defense you listen to Iain D. Campbell’s interview with Christ the Center here. […]

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11 years ago

Nick, have you looked at John Owen’s use of the Song in the second (“Communion with the Son”) section of “Communion with God”? You didn’t mention it on the program, but I couldn’t help but think about this as I listened to the interview.

Nicholas T. Batzig

11 years ago


Owen on Communion with God is wonderful. He does a great job of showing the purpose of the Song and its implications for the redemptive work of God. Thanks for reminding us of it!

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