A Life in the Preaching Ministry

We had the pleasure to discuss the preaching ministry with noted Scottish minister Eric Alexander. Rev. Alexander has spent his adult life serving Jesus Christ, in His Church, as a minister of His Word having been ordained as a minister in the Church of Scotland for over fifty years. Rev. Alexander shares his wisdom regarding the preaching ministry.

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Rev. Alexander studied at the University of Glasgow, graduating Master of Arts in 1954 and Bachelor of Divinity in 1958. Thereafter he spent 4 years as an Assistant at St David’s Knightswood Chuch in the West end of Glasgow. In 1961 he was married to Greta Connell and they have a daughter and a son. It was in 1962 that he was called to the parish of Loudoun East Church, in the Covenanting district of Ayrshire, in the village of Newmilns. After 15 years there, in 1977, he was aware of God’s call to the city centre church of St George’s Tron, in Glasgow, where he served as senior minister for 20 years, until his retirement in 1997. During these 20 years, large congregations, of all ages, gathered, both morning and evening, to listen to expository sermons from both Old and New Testaments.

From the Eric Alexander website:

As the years have passed and the world has changed, he has grown ever more convinced of the urgent priority of summoning the church to the Apostolic priority expressed by the Apostles themselves in Acts 6v4; “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. “

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Really enjoyed this episode! Thanks guys

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9 years ago

Dear brethren,
Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that you are under good care of almighty Father above.
It is good from you on how you are carrying on the lord’s work and that you are serving the Lord around the world and you are enriching God’s people with the wonderful word of hope in there hearts.
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We are also a church which needs to have a founder because it started with a small fellowship and God is going on blessing it, so I call upon you to come over and re-open it in an official way and to ordain the church leaders under you ministry. I will be praying for you for the word that you have planted in the hearts of men.
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Security where there is none, love and compassion as true parents
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