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Nick Batzig sat down with David Robertson pastor of St. Peters Free Church in Dundee, Scotland recently at Twin Lakes Fellowship where he lectured on Emergent Calvinism. David spoke with Nick about his book The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths. David has been actively debating Dawkins supporters throughout the UK and shares his experience. This is an interesting discussion about how apologetics hits the road. Later on Nick asks David about Awakening: The Life and Ministry of Robert Murray McCheyne another excellent book detailing the life of the well-known minister.

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Ben P

11 years ago

I’m looking forward to listening to this right now.

David Robertson has recently also been appearing in a comments thread at R Scott Clark’s Heidelblog, in a massive conversation following one of Carl Trueman’s commentaries on recent events in the Church of Scotland (see http://heidelblog.wordpress.com/2009/05/26/trueman-being-presbyterian-in-the-church-of-scotland/#comments ) – where there is the entertaining spectacle of a minister from a denomination practicing exlusive psalmody arguing against the practice (Robertson predicts that his Free Church of Scotland is likely to liberalise its practice within the next few years), while a minister from a communion which does not hold to an ‘inspired materials only” RPW argues for that practice (Scott Clark himself).

Ben P

11 years ago

Thank you for that interview Nick – it was great.

Water Is Thicker Than Blood

11 years ago

Items of Interest I Bring…

The Reformed Forum has had some interesting conversations lately concerning the following: Apologetics and Pastoral Ministry, Books on the Doctrine of God, and lastly a great conversation on Karl Rahner and the differences between his Vatican Catholic …


11 years ago

Great interview. Thanks for sharing. Robertson’s clear focus on the importance of the gospel is both convicting and encouraging. I’ve added both of his books to my Amazon wishlist; unfortunately, there aren’t many copies of his McCheyne book available.


11 years ago


Re Awakening – Yes it is all sold out. Currently working on a reprint and a second edition….should be published by Christian Focus in a couple of months….


David Robertson, Defender of the Faith « Faith by Hearing

11 years ago

[…] Interview at CTC >>> […]

Richard Morgan

11 years ago

In the interview, David mentioned the conversion of an atheist on the Richard Dawkins Net forum. C’est moi!
If you want to read a brief account of my spectacular and totally unexpected encounter with the love of God, you can go here:

Also, since David persists in telling people about my “musical” portrait of him, and the almost hilarious reaction of my atheist chums when they heard that I had dared to include some “nice bits”, I have posted it on my Myspace with the simple title “D.R.”
I shall be removing it next month, as I am now composing as a Christian.


Oh, and since people seem to be writing books, I am preparing my own; a possible title will be “The Repenant Gene.”


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