The Masculine Mandate

Richard D. Phillips visits Christ the Center to discuss his new book The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men. The book is a reaction to recent cultural trends as well as John Eldredge’s mega-hit Wild at Heart. Much more than a simple reaction, Rev. Phillips promotes a positive, biblical approach to masculinity by touching on biblical anthropology and God’s specific call that men should “work” and “keep.”

Rick is Senior Minister of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC and the author of several books including Jesus the Evangelist, What’s So Great About the Doctrines of Grace?, and the Hebrews and Zechariah Reformed Expository commentaries.



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Chuck Bridgeland

11 years ago

Interesting interview. And the book is…..(“Releases November 2009 “)not out yet. Unhh.

Camden Bucey

11 years ago

Sorry about that – I know it’s kind of annoying. It’s a great book and worth the wait.


11 years ago

I think the problem with Rick Philips is that he is too ambiguous and wishy-washy! I just couldn’t work out what he was trying to say. 🙂

That was great, I look forward to the publication. Very refreshing.

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Ben P (in Australia)

11 years ago

Top marks for this one, gentlemen. I’ve already found it extremely helpful…

It was full of great lines from Rick Phillips including, “self-indulgant bravado is not manly”, and “Dude, you’ve gotta work hard or you’ll starve!…” – but it was hard to beat his story near the end about hearing his two elderly female San Francisco neighbours “wolf-whistle” a passing male biker, after which he asked them, “you’re Lesbians, what are you doing???” Not something you hear a PCA pastor say every day!

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11 years ago

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11 years ago

One thing I’ve never figured out about this, and which seems to come up in this interview.

Given the realities of modern relationships (or a more theologically-oriented view), why is it that men always seem to be the ones held to blame for family breakdown – including here?


11 years ago

To elaborate on my previous comment: Men should act as biblical men, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those they’re responsible towards will always act responsibly.

Basically, my question is something like the following: what argument works to hold men fully accountable for their family’s conduct without making God fully responsible (i.e. guilty) for all human sin?

Rick Phillips

11 years ago


I saw this and thought I would chime in. Of course, it is true that men are not always and only responsible for relationship breakdowns, etc. If I did not state that in the interview, I certainly did in the book. I know some fine Christian men who were faithful to their wives but betrayed by them, and it was the wife’s fault. Having said that, however, I do think that we can emphasize the distinctive significance of a man’s ministry to his wife. Women are hard-wired to respond to masculine love in a way that is hard for them to avoid. It is part of their creation orientation towards the man and the relationship. So my point is not intended to be one of blame, but rather of exhortation: if a husband will repent of known failures of duty and start loving his wife in a biblical way, it is extremely likely that she is going to come around. That is a good rule, and there are exceptions to the rule, to be sure. (I have known some extremely difficult women…). But when addressing men, I think it is fair to exhort them as to their particular responsibility and influence. Hope that is helpful and I hope you were otherwise helped by the interview.

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10 years ago

I was helped by the interview with Rick–and am forwarding this to our church’s elders with the recommendation we use the book for our next men’s group study. This sounds like a “God-thing,” Rick! Sorry–this used to be a slogan from some mutual friends, the Crabtrees.

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Jason D.

10 years ago

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10 years ago

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