A God-Centered Approach to Language

Dr. Vern Sheridan Poythress returns to Christ the Center to discuss his latest book In the Beginning was the Word: Language: A God-Centered Approach to Language published by Crossway. The panel discusses Dr. Poythress’s multi-perspectival approach to Biblical studies and theology and specifically the trinitarian basis for language and the meaning of language. Contrary to evolutionary theory, language is not merely a humanly constructed reality but is a gift from God. The panel also considers the unique problems about how modernism and postmodernism view language

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Jeff Downs

10 years ago

Thank you, again! Keep them coming.

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[…] Downs alerted me to the Christ the Center broadcast on the Reformed Forum blog where Vern Poythress discusses a God-Centered Approach to Language.  Here’s the show description: Dr. Vern Sheridan Poythress returns to Christ the Center to […]

Chris Caughey

10 years ago

Thanks for doing this show. I found what Dr. Poythress had to say helpful. That corroborates what others have told me about multi-perspectivalism compared to tri-perspectivalism. I do have concerns about his association with Frame, but he is clearly saying something different than Frame is, and I appreciate the qualifications Dr. Poythress is willing to make. You CAN, in fact, pin him down; and I am comfortable with what I heard him say.

So will you be doing a show on tri-perspectivalism?

Camden Bucey

10 years ago

I’d like to focus an entire show on multi-perspectivalism at some point. It seems its influence is waning, however. Maybe its just my narrow vantage point.

Feeding on Christ » Blog Archive » Vern Poythress on Language and Tri-Perspectivalism

10 years ago

[…] We were able to talk with Dr. Vern S. Poythress recently about his newly released book In the Beginning Was the Word: Language, a God Centered-Approach. This was an important interview because we had the opportunity to ask Dr. Poythress several questions that are often raised by those who are skeptical of Tri-perspectivalism as a hermenuetical principle. I would consider myself to be one such skeptic. While this is the case, I thoughtDr. Poythress made many interesting and helpful points, and provided very thoughtful and carefully balanced answers to the questions raised.  I think you will benefit from listening  to the intervie and reading the book. You can listen here. […]

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10 years ago

[…] Panel discussion with Vern Poythress on his new book, In the Beginning was the Word: Language: A God… […]

Cornelia Becker Seigneur

10 years ago

This looks like a great book. I saw it advertised in Books and Culture. As a faith and family and culture writer, I am always looking for books that examine the fusing of faith and writing from a Christian perspective.

cornelia seigneur

mike robinson

9 years ago

some things i received from Dr. Poythress’ book on language:
Poythress rightly contends that language must convey truth and those who deny such fall into self-impaling assertions (considering that they must employ language as meaningful, to deny that language is meaningful). Poythress adds: “Language when God uses it has a certain ontological primacy” (p. 256).

Spoken truth retains its truth “only because God is continually present” — without the Christian worldview one is faced with Hume’s problem of Induction and this problem also surfaces in the dynamic of language. Additionally it can be utilized to demonstrate that mathematics, identity, and countless truths have permanent aspects to them only because God is always present and continually sustains them. An always-in-flux material cosmos lacks the capacity to guarantee a retention of anything over time, even a short duration of time. Hence the non-theist cannot account for the truth that 2 + 2 = 4 even five minutes after it was asserted. The omnipotent and always present God has the capacity to guarantee truths can retain their truth in the future.

dr. poythress also argues that universals require God and connectivity presupposes and requires God (pp. 256-260).

for interested readers:
dr. poythress’ book provides various outstanding graphs that add precision and comprehension.
Chapters include:

– Language and the Trinity
– God Sustaining Language
– God’s Rule
– Imaging
– World history
– Speaking and Writing
– Truth as a Perspective
– Modernism and Postmodernism
– Doubt
– Platonic Ideas
– Reaching Out to Deconstructionism
– and more.
his volume on language has been endorsed by John Frame, C. John Collins, and Wayne Grudem. Frame extols this work: “God is not merely a possibility, not merely a conclusion, but the starting point for any understanding at all.”


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