Christ the Spiritual Sun

Jonathan Edwards preached “Christ the Spiritual Sun” in May 1739. It was based on Malachi 4:1–2. The doctrine of the sermon was “that the same spiritual Sun, whose beams are most comfortable and beneficial to believers, will burn and destroy unbelievers.” Edwards unpacked the sermon in four heads, showing that Christ was the spiritual Sun of the world; showing what might be represented by the beams of the Sun; showing how the beams of the Sun will be most pleasant and profitable to believers; and how these same beams will destroy the wicked.

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East of Eden devotes each episode to a work of Jonathan Edwards’. Several Edwards experts discuss the key features of the work in order to draw out Edwards rich biblical and systematic theology. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

Camden Bucey

7 years ago

This was another great episode, gentlemen. I especially appreciated the Christological and typological connections in this one.

Benjamin Smith

7 years ago

Dear Friends,

I found this very conversation very fruitful on two points. First it illustrated the way in which Christ is our judge. So often we tend to forget the kingship and judicial authority of Christ. Second, in a way it seems to present an interesting take on the punishments of Hell. For quite a while I have thought that Hell as the absence of God does not seem quite right. It seems more likely that God will be completely present, but that His presence will fill the reprobate with hate, misery, and pain, because sinners by their nature hate God. A sobering thought but true nonetheless.



7 years ago

Edwards’ sermon can be read online here (click).


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