What Is Believing in Christ?

Jonathan Edwards preached “What Is Believing in Christ?” to his congregation of three hundred Native Americans in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The sermon on Mark 16:15–16 is characteristic of Edwards’ pastoral sensitivity to his Stockbridge congregation. The sermon is divided into two parts, 1. What it means to believe in Jesus Christ, and 2. How believing in Jesus Christ will save you.

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Keith Furutani

6 years ago

Thank you.

Where would one get a copy of this sermon for devotional reading?


6 years ago

From Amazon
The Blessing of God: Previously Unpublished Sermons of Jonathan Edwards
(as mentioned in the podcast)


6 years ago

What is true saving faith?


6 years ago

This was a wonderful show. You did an excellent job with the topic, and each of you added some really practical comments. One of the best shows you have done, but all of them have been good. Keep up the great work.




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