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In this episode we interview Dr. Ken Minkema, the executive editor at the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University, with regard to the formation of the Center and the resources available there. We also briefly spoke with Dr. Minkema about his doctoral dissertation on the history of the Edwards’ family, The Edwardses: A Ministerial Family in 18th Century New England. We hope that this will wet our listeners’ appetite with regard to pursuing further studies in Edwards’ history and corpus of writings.

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East of Eden devotes each episode to a work of Jonathan Edwards’. Several Edwards experts discuss the key features of the work in order to draw out Edwards rich biblical and systematic theology. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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Chris Cullnane

7 years ago

I would love to help out anyway I can. I am the Director of Libraries at Belhaven University and have been a cataloger at RTS for 24 years.

Rupert, REC

7 years ago

Too bad we don’t listen to Richard Muller concerning the Occasionalism and Enlightenment capitulation seen in Edwards. We would be able to recover Reformed causality and you all might begin understanding Union with Christ. Just a thought. See Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics and Muller’s recent lecture on Edwards and his forthcoming book on Calvin and Union. Decimates Garcia, Tipton, Gaffin, et al I hear.

We might end the parochial central dogma theories and the inbreeding at WTS with its sub-par biblicism which it calls biblical theology.

Jeff Waddington

7 years ago


Seeing you simply copied and pasted your remarks from the combox about the Flavel CTC, I will refer you to my remarks there.

Nick Batzig

7 years ago


Did you read the Scripture above the comment box before commenting? If so, why the acerbic and demeaning tone? If we are trusting in the same Lord Jesus Christ for salvation why would we speak so disparagingly to one another.

Jim Cassidy

7 years ago

Wow! That opportunity to edit sermons is tremendous!



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