Christ’s Agony

Originally preached sometime in 1739, Jonathan Edwards’ sermon Christ’s Agony provides a deep analysis of Luke 22:44 and Christ’s agonizing prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Edwards notes that Christ could not suffer in his divine nature, but most assuredly did so in his human nature. There is profound theological and pastoral insight as well as practical application in this moving message. Christ’s saw what was coming with regard to his crucifixion and wrestled with the taking on himself of sin and the consequent break in fellowship with the Father. Christ went to the cross with eyes wide open.

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Leonard Layne

8 years ago

Christian Greetings!

Thanks for your lovely discussion regarding Christ’s agony. It was refreshing to hear that there are those who, while not diminishing the ostensible physical sufferings of the blessed Lord, emphasize that the sufferings of His soul were an essential component to his work of satisfaction.

He suffered from the hands of men. But he suffered at Calvary from the hands of God.

How this should cause us to exclaim, as the hymn writer did,

In His spotless soul’s distress,
I have learnt my guiltiness;
Oh how vile my low estate,
Since my ransom was so great!


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