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Ezra-Nehemiah Discussion Live on Christ the Center

Join us Wednesday, September 23 at 9PM Eastern live on Christ the Center as we discuss Ezra-Nehemiah and restoration prophecy with Matthew Patton. Matthew is a PhD student in OT at Wheaton Graduate School. Several people have requested we devote more time to topics in biblical studies and we couldn’t agree more. Here’s your chance to interact live.

As usual, we will be broadcasting the discussion at http://www.reformedforum.org/video. We will also be in the chat room for discussion before, during and after the episode. You can either join the chat through the widget on our live broadcast page or you can use any IRC client using irc.mibbit.com as the server and the #reformedforum room. If you won’t be able to join the chat, you may still submit questions by voicemail or SMS by calling 440-97-FORUM. We’ll attempt to address them on the program.


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