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Family Bible Reading with McCheyne

With the beginning of another new year it was time to print a clean copy of a Bible reading plan. Last year I went through a chronological plan, but this year I’ve decided to return to a trusty old friend: the McCheyne reading plan. For several years I went through a 2x McCheyne plan that would get me through the New Testament and Psalms four times and the Old Testament twice in a year. It’s been a helpful way for me to get to those lesser-known portions of Scripture regularly.

This year I was looking for something to incorporate into family worship. The McCheyne plan is great for this as well since two of his chapters are meant to be read as a family. This is a great way to provide structure to your family Bible reading. Print a PDF of the plan and start working through it with your family. I trust you will be richly blessed (yes, even as you get to explain all those “difficult” stories as well as read through Numbers and Chronicles!).


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