Assessing Machen

Darryl G. Hart concludes his series on J. Gresham Machen with a lesson on assessing this great figure in American Presbyterianism.


Historia Ecclesiastica is an audio program dedicated to the history of the church. In each episode a particular event or person that is influential in the development of the church will be studied in order to inform the present day. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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Bob McDowell

9 years ago

Any way to get a link to Dr. Hart’s Venn diagrams of Evangelical vs. Reformed, etc.?

Joseph Hansen

9 years ago

I second Bob’s request 🙂

Historia Ecclesia – The Life of J. Gresham Machen « Pilgrimage to Geneva

9 years ago

[…] Assessing Machen –  MP3 […]

Chris Cullnane II

2 years ago

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