Hosea 2:2–13 — Forgetting the Lord

The mercy that the Lord shows initially will be undone in judgment. But there is grace, restoration, and redemption for those who repent and trust in Christ.

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William Duncan

1 year ago

Thank you so much for your work. I am merely a parishioner but have benefitted much from your teaching. I too recommend Kline, as his “Kingdom Prologue” solidified my understanding of the Covenant treaty reading of scripture. Does anyone know where I might find a reasonably priced copy of “By Oath Consigned” or if there is any talk of republishing it?

Mark Winder

1 year ago

Thanks for your input. Good to know people as listening, and so glad it is of value to you. There’s no such thing as “merely a parishioner!” Christ’s authority is vested in every member of the church and I’m grateful that this podcast can be helpful – and not just to ministers!

As far as I can tell “By Oath Consigned” is only available from a few sellers, beginning at $60. You can search addall.com under used books, or Amazon.

Alternatively, it looks like you can find an online copy at meredithkline.com. Look under Kline’s works and you should find the text of “By Oath Consigned.”

Hope that helps.

William Duncan

1 year ago

Got it for $55. Thanks.



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