Covenant Solidarity

Chris Brauns visits Christ the Center to speak about covenant solidarity through his book Bound Together: How We Are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Choices published by ZondervanChris is the pastor of The Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley, Illinois and has also written Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds, an excellent treatment and call to return to a biblical conception of forgiveness.

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Jonathan Edwards on Adam Before the Fall

The Christ the Center panel gather for an informal discussion about Jonathan Edwards and his treatment of the question of how Adam, who was created in righteousness and holiness and knowledge could ever fall into sin. Historically this has been a problematic issue and proves to be a challenge even to Edwards. Jeff Waddington has written a dissertation on Edwards’ anthropology as it pertains to apologetics, and one of the chapters deals specifically with this matter. Listen as we discuss this difficult issue.

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A Review of The Theology of Augustine by Matthew Levering

David Filson reviews Matthew Levering’s recent book, The Theology of Augustine: An Introductory Guide to His Most Important Works. For thoughtful students of Church History and Historical Theology, who may find the sheer bulk of Augustine’s corpus daunting, and don’t know quite where to begin, this accessible, substantive, and crisply written volume offers a historically contextual and theologically analytical guided tour of seven of St. Augustine’s key treatises (On Christian Doctrine, Answer to Faustus, a Manichean, Homilies on the First Epistle of John, On the Predestination of the Saints, Confessions, City of God, and On the Trinity). Throughout, Levering reveals things, such as the nature of Augustine’s Trinitarian theology, hermeneutic of continuity between the OT and NT, and a properly ordered and graciously expressed Christian love.

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The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World

Today we welcome Melissa Kruger to the program to speak about her book The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World published by Christian Focus. Melissa is on staff in women’s ministry at Uptown Church (PCA) in Charlotte, NC, a mom to three kids and the wife of Dr. Michael Kruger, President and Professor of NT at Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte.

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Bavinck on Marriage and the Family

Nelson Kloosterman speaks about Herman Bavinck’s theology of marriage and the family. Kloosterman recently translated Bavinck’s book The Christian Family. Though he wrote in early 20th century Netherlands, Bavinck’s book is relevant for the present day. In distinction from so many contemporary works, Bavinck establishes a theology of marriage and the family that can be applied to the manifold challenges facing families in the present day.

Dr. Kloosterman is Executive Director of Worldview Resources, International and works as a translator of important theological works. Listen as he unfolds Bavinck’s doctrine of sin and redemptive-historical focus as they pertain to God’s design for the family and society as a whole.

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Christ the Spiritual Sun

Jonathan Edwards preached “Christ the Spiritual Sun” in May 1739. It was based on Malachi 4:1–2. The doctrine of the sermon was “that the same spiritual Sun, whose beams are most comfortable and beneficial to believers, will burn and destroy unbelievers.” Edwards unpacked the sermon in four heads, showing that Christ was the spiritual Sun of the world; showing what might be represented by the beams of the Sun; showing how the beams of the Sun will be most pleasant and profitable to believers; and how these same beams will destroy the wicked.

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Old Princeton and Right Reason

Dr. Paul Kjoss Helseth, Professor of Christian Thought at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, joins the panel at Christ the Center to speak about Old Princeton and right reason. Many in the Reformed tradition have criticized Old Princeton theologians such as Charles Hodge and B. B. Warfield for explicating a view of human reason that is not in accord with traditional Reformed doctrines, such as a Reformed understanding of the noetic effects of sin. Dr. Helseth seeks to remedy this common assessment by situating Old Princeton’s treatment of human reason within their doctrine of regeneration.

Related Publications by Dr. Helseth


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Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Originally preached in April 1738, Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, To-day, and Forever” expounds Hebrews 13:6. Edwards draws out the doctrine that Jesus Christ is the same now that he ever has been and ever will be. Specifically, Christ is unchangeable in his divinity, in his office as Mediator, and his blood is as sufficient now as when it ran warm from his wounds, and so the covenants of redemption and grace stand forever. In light of the stability of Christ’s person and work for us, he is therefore fit to be our surety. While our profession of faith may wax and wane, Christ has not changed. The Jesus who invites you to come to him is he who accepts you. In the end Christ’s love is as strong now as it was when he went to the cross.

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Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment, to be Found in Christ

This week the East of Eden crew examine Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment, to be Found in Christ” based upon Isaiah 32:2. In this sermon Edwards unpacks the types of a man who provides cover from the wind, of a river in a dry land, and a great rock that casts a shadow in a weary land. Each of these point to some facet of Christ’s person and work of redemption. Christ Jesus provides a foundation of peace and safety for those who live in fear and danger. He provides satisfaction and full contentment for the needy and thirsty soul. Our Lord also provides quiet and sweet refreshment for him who is weary. All in all this is a deeply comforting sermon.

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