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A Review of The Theology of Augustine by Matthew Levering

David Filson reviews Matthew Levering’s recent book, The Theology of Augustine: An Introductory Guide to His Most Important Works. For thoughtful students of Church History and Historical Theology, who may find the sheer bulk of Augustine’s corpus daunting, and don’t know quite where to begin, this accessible, substantive, and crisply written volume offers a historically contextual and theologically analytical guided tour of seven of St. Augustine’s key treatises (On Christian Doctrine, Answer to Faustus, a Manichean, Homilies on the First Epistle of John, On the Predestination of the Saints, Confessions, City of God, and On the Trinity). Throughout, Levering reveals things, such as the nature of Augustine’s Trinitarian theology, hermeneutic of continuity between the OT and NT, and a properly ordered and graciously expressed Christian love.

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