With Reverence and Awe

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“Reformed Christians”, write D. G. Hart and John R. Muether, “are increasingly divided over how they ought to worship their God.” Considering it an urgent matter “to recover a biblical view of worship,” the authors have written With Reverence and Awe. Drawing on Scripture and Reformed confessions and catechisms, the authors answer such questions as: When are we to worship? How do we worship with reverence?

The Peniel Bible Conference and the OPC

Caroline Weerstra speaks with Christ the Center about the Peniel Bible Conference, based on her article “The Early History of Peniel Bible Conference, Part 1: Zeal Without Knowledge (1933–1938).” The camp was associated with Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Schenectady, New York, Mrs. Weerstra’s home church. Though associated with a reformed church, the camp was very similar to the Wesleyan and holiness movements in theology and practice. Listen to understand how this camp became associated with the OPC and how Calvary Church finally remained in the OPC.

Mrs. Weerstra is a mother of three, a blogger, and the author of several catechism workbooks for children. Her article “The Early History of Peniel Bible Conference, Part 1: Zeal Without Knowledge (1933–1938)” appeared in Vol. 75 No. 2 of the Westminster Theological Journal.

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The Life and Ministry of B.B. Warfield

In this episode, Jim Cassidy and Mark Winder catch up with John Muether to talk about his forthcoming book on the life of B.B. Warfield, the great old Princeton theologian. We cover various topics including the lion of Princeton’s take on evolution, his care for his wife, his doctrine of Scripture, and his position on the Confession of 1902. We wrap up with drawing practical lessons from his life we can apply today.

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Cornelius Van Til: A Life

John Muether, professor of church history and director of the library at Reformed Theological Seminary/Orlando and historian of the OPC, talks with the Christ the Center panel about his recent book Cornelius Van Til: Reformed Apologist and Churchman, the latest volume in the American Reformed Biography series published by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing. Professor Muether discusses various aspects of the life and thought of Van Til, including his involvement in the so-called Clark/Van Til controversy, his critical analysis of Karl Barth, his interaction with his Christian Reformed Church critics, and his involvement with the founding and first several decades of existence of Westminster Theological Seminary and the OPC. Like the book, our conversation with Professor Muether will leave the listener longing to hear more. (more…)

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