God or Baal: Calvin’s Letters on Worship

Rev. Dr. David Noe joins us to speak about John Calvin, God or Baal: Two Letters on the Reformation of Worship and Pastoral Service (Reformation Heritage Books), which includes translations of two letters:

  • We Must Flee the Forbidden Rites of the Wicked and Maintain the Purity of the Christian Faith
  • The Christian Man’s Obligation to Fulfill or Renounce the Priestly Offices of the Papal Church

Calvin most likely wrote these letters in the fall of 1536. Both have a polemical tone and touch upon the subject of worship. These letters are Calvin’s first strong rebuke of two friends, men whom he had known for some time and had clearly expressed evangelical convictions and yet wanted to remain in the positions of privilege and power that they enjoyed within French Catholicism.

Dr. Noe is Professor of Classics at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has also published a translation of Franciscus Junius’ (1545–1602) De Theologia Vera (Reformation Heritage Books) and a translation of Theodore Beza’s (1519–1605) Plana et Perspicua Tractatio De Coena Domini (Reformation Heritage Books).


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