Vos Group #73 — The Corruption of Ritual Worship (continued)

Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey turn to pages 267–269 of Geerhardus Vos’ book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments, to consider the collective sin of the nation during the time of the prophets. Vos addresses several passages in this section, including Amos 5:25, Isaiah 1:10–17, and Hosea 6:6.



  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:13 Critics, the Prophets, and the Old Covenant
  • 12:28 The Passover and Redemptive-History
  • 19:32 Amos 5:25
  • 28:33 Isaiah 1:10–17
  • 36:17 Hosea 6:4–10
  • 40:47 Israel’s National Sin
  • 49:06 Conclusion

Participants: ,

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