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A History of Presbyterian Publications

Dr. Dominic Aquila joins Camden Bucey to speak about the history of Presbyterian publications. While they focus primarily on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Dr. Aquila connects this storied history to the recent past and the dramatic shifts in communication that have come about with the introduction of the Internet and technologies such as social media.

Dominic Aquila is the President of New Geneva Seminary, and editor of The Aquila Report. He has pastored churches in Virginia, California, Colorado, and Florida. Dr. Aquila has served on a number of Committees in the Presbyterian Church in America, including Mission to the World (MTW) and the Standing Judicial Commission.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:06 New Geneva Seminary in Egypt
  • 09:01 The Aquila Report
  • 14:27 Presbyterian Publications Past and Present
  • 20:06 Christianity Today and The Presbyterian Guardian
  • 25:03 The Christian Century et al
  • 31:36 Princeton Seminary’s Publications
  • 33:52 Technological and Industrial Changes
  • 39:29 Other Publications of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • 52:35 Considering What Has Been Gained and Lost
  • 55:42 Conclusion


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