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Heavenly Mindedness

We discuss Geerhardus Vos’s sermon, “Heavenly Mindedness” from his collection Grace and Glory: Sermons Preached at Princeton Seminary. In this sermon, Vos directs the Christian to consider the heavenly realities, where Christ is, as the proper focus and posture for the Christian throughout this present earthly pilgrimage.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:45 Historical Context of the Sermon
  • 08:44 Key Passages on Faith
  • 12:54 A Biblical Theology of Faith
  • 16:11 Faith and the Foundation of the Christian Life
  • 19:58 Vos’s Exegesis and the History of Redemption
  • 22:06 Faith and the Vitality of the Christian Life
  • 23:44 Supernaturalism and History
  • 26:45 Themes Picked up by Kline
  • 30:04 Abraham’s Pilgrimage
  • 36:27 The Remedy for the Ills of the Modern Life
  • 38:40 Heavenly-Mindedness vs Mysticism
  • 48:38 The Means of Grace
  • 57:59 Conclusion

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