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Vos Group #80 — Aspects of the Nativity

We turn to pp. 309–310 of Geerhardus Vos’s book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to discuss aspects of the nativity. The convergence of the coming of Jehovah and the coming of the Messiah is found in Jesus Christ and revealed particularly at the time of the nativity. Two Old Testament roots support this convergence: the circle of Mary and Joseph, who stand in the line of David, and the circle of Zacharias and Elizabeth, where the idea of Jehovah’s coming prevails.

Additionally, Vos notes that the name “Jesus” means “Jehovah is Salvation,” signifying Jesus’ divine identity as the one who delivers his people from the guilt and power of sin. Finally, Vos emphasizes that the inclusion of the Gentiles into God’s covenant people is another important aspect of Jesus’ redemptive work revealed with the incarnation.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 01:31 The Coming of the Son of David
  • 11:41 The Coming of the Lord
  • 15:43 John the Baptist’s Ministry
  • 21:45 The Name of “Jesus”
  • 27:54 Simeon and the Inclusion of the Gentiles
  • 36:42 Jesus Has No Earthly Father
  • 39:52 Creation and Incarnation
  • 50:09 Conclusion

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