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Ecumenism and Church Discipline

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey discuss ecclesiology and R. B. Kuiper’s classic book, The Glorious Body of Christ. They focus primarily on ecumenism and how different church bodies relate to one another. But the two also discuss the nature of church power and authority and the challenges involved in administering church discipline across denominational lines.



  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:06:27 R. B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ
  • 00:19:23 The Spirituality of the Church
  • 00:23:50 Church Power and Authority
  • 00:27:28 Ecumenical Relations
  • 00:38:34 Barriers to Ecumenical Relations between the CRC and OPC
  • 00:49:18 Church Discipline across Denominations
  • 00:59:14 When General Assemblies Err
  • 01:03:05 Final Comments
  • 01:05:32 Conclusion

Christ the Center focuses on Reformed Christian theology. In each episode a group of informed panelists discusses important issues in order to encourage critical thinking and a better understanding of Reformed doctrine with a view toward godly living. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.


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