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Photo of Arthur F. Perkins restored by Marina Amaral
Photo of Arthur F. Perkins restored by Marina Amaral
Photo courtesy Brian DeJong

Standing against Tyranny: The Life and Legacy of Arthur Perkins

Brian DeJong speaks about his biography of Arthur Franklin Perkins, a Presbyterian minister serving in Merrill, Wisconsin in the 1920s and 1930s. For his bold stand for truth, and against error and unbelief, Perkins was persecuted and prosecuted by his own Presbytery. Leaving the PCUSA in 1936, he became a constituting member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the convener and first moderator of its Presbytery of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. After suffering a nervous breakdown, he died on December 29, 1936. This is his tragic and triumphant story about standing against tyranny in his day and age.



  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 03:08 Resources on Machen
  • 06:24 Presbyterians in Wisconsin
  • 13:00 Introduction to Arthur Perkins
  • 19:00 Crescent Lake Bible Camp
  • 24:35 The Nature of Church Power
  • 30:02 Correspondence with Machen
  • 33:52 Community Presbyterian Church in Merrill, Wisconsin
  • 37:16 Perkins’ Health and Eventual Death
  • 43:09 How to Get a Copy
  • 47:50 Conclusion

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