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Robert Boyle, Christianity, and Science

In the latest episode of Christ the Center, we explore the fascinating intersection of science, faith, and philosophy through the life and contributions of Robert Boyle, the seventeenth-century chemist often dubbed the father of modern chemistry. Our guest, Dr. Edward B. Davis, Professor Emeritus of the History of Science at Messiah University, shares his extensive knowledge on Boyle’s experiments, the development of Boyle’s Law, and the broader implications of Boyle’s work on the relationship between emerging scientific disciplines and religious thought. We also delve into the historical context of Boyle’s era, his influence on the mechanical philosophy, and how his devout Anglican faith shaped his understanding of the natural world. Listen as we explore the complex relationship of how scientific inquiry and religious belief have related throughout history.



  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:02:00 Christianity and History of Science
  • 00:12:45 The Philosophical and Methodological Awareness of Scientists
  • 00:18:52 Gaining Humility through Historical Perspective
  • 00:25:02 Robert Boyle in Historical Context
  • 00:37:28 Boyle’s Scientific Pursuits
  • 00:41:57 Robert Boyle and James Ussher
  • 00:44:03 Natural Philosophy
  • 00:51:33 Boyle’s Views Contrasted with Deism
  • 00:54:24 Boyle’s Contributions
  • 00:59:13 Dr. Davis’ Scholarship on Boyle
  • 01:03:41 Researching Boyle
  • 01:08:13 Reading Dr. Davis’ articles
  • 01:10:21 Conclusion

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