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Covenant Theology and Cultural Engagement in the Thought of Meredith G. Kline

Dr. Michael Beck joins us to speak about his book, Covenant Lord and Cultic Boundary: A Dialectic Inquiry Concerning Meredith Kline and the Reformed Two-Kingdom Project (Wipf and Stock), which is a theological exploration of the ideas of Meredith Kline and their impact on the Reformed Two-Kingdom Project.

The book provides a literature review of relevant works on the topic and highlights the broader universe of discourse in which this study exists. In the book and in this conversation, Dr. Beck offers a unique analysis of Kline’s theology and its practical implications for contemporary Christian life and practice.

Michael Beck is a pastor at Gracenet Community Church as well as a lecturer of Old Testament and biblical theology at Grace Theological College (New Zealand). Dr. Beck earned his PhD from the South African Theological Seminary Michael also co-hosts the Two-Age Sojourner podcast.


  • 00:00:07 Introduction
  • 00:02:56 Dr. Beck’s Ministry in New Zealand
  • 00:10:48 Introduction to Kline
  • 00:17:24 The Point of the Book: Kline and Cultural Engagement
  • 00:30:21 Theonomy, Perspectivalism, and Neo-Calvinism
  • 00:36:31 The Noahic Covenant
  • 00:47:09 The Cultural Mandate
  • 00:54:39 Considering Theological Differences
  • 01:01:50 Conclusion

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