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The Book of Revelation – Part 5

In Episode 45 we continue our new series on the Book of Revelation.

Your hosts, Rob and Bob, continue to discuss the Book of Revelation chapter 5.

The second vision of the Book of Revelation brings us into the throne room of God where all the realms of creation both in heaven and on earth do nothing but give glory to God day and night. John sees a continual and repetitious act of all of creation demonstrating its reverence for their Creator. They cry out glory, glory, glory to Him who was and is and is to come. And as the elders fall off of their thrones prostrate before the throne they cast their crown before the throne demonstrating that though the church reigns with Christ we are humble before the slain Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. As we work our way through the vision questions remain. What does the scroll and the seals mean? Why does John weep and what role is Christ taking upon Himself?

We will discuss these and other questions today on Theology Simply Profound.

Theology Simply Profound is a podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving the western suburbs of Chicago, where God powerfully speaks through his means of grace.

Music credit: pamelayork.com. Thank you, Pamela York, for the use of your beautiful jazzy rendition of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” We encourage our listeners to check out her website and consider purchasing some of her music.

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Theology Simply Profound considers how even the simple truths God has revealed to us in his Word are deeply profound. Reformed theology need not be for scholars alone, it is for every believer. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.


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