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The Book of Revelation – Part 7

In episode 47, your hosts, Rob and Bob, discuss chapter 7 of the Book of Revelation.

If like most people you are listening to the radio when you drive you know that usually at the top and bottom of the hour there will be a news update. Usually this will bring tension just to hear that familiar opening music. It doesn’t help that the news media know that if they present everything as potentially life threatening they will get your attention, which is why according to the news media everything from your toothpaste to tomatoes is going to kill you. But we are also reminded everyday of every natural and manmade disaster that is taking place around the world. Floods, fires, wars, rumors of wars, provide the negatively fueled news media an ample supply of stories to terrify us with. When Jesus used the example of a tower that had fallen over and killed people He used an example that everyone knew. The fall of this tower was the talk of the town and seems to have been used to teach unrighteous people that unless they repent they will suffer a similar fate. But Jesus redirected the thinking. Instead of seeing this as sinners getting what they deserved, Jesus made it clear that the people who died were just as guilty as the people that He was talking with. Jesus is highlighting to those listening, and to us that we will all die. We all will suffer the same fate. Jesus was pointing to the repentance through Faith that leads to life that is the only way to escape everlasting death. When a volcano explodes or there is a large flood or earthquake not to mention wars where lots of people die, some will be Christians and some will be unbelievers. So how should we look at these tragedies? Were they God’s judgments? Were they persecutions? Was it something that is outside the control of God? Are there only 144,000 people that will be safe from these kinds of events?


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