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The Book of Revelation – Part 17

Chapter 17 talked about this Great City that sits upon the many waters. The City we are told is the kingdom of Satan and the many waters we are told are the multitudes of people throughout the earth that worship the beast and the false prophet. This city is said to rule over the kings of the earth which is one way to know that this is not talking about one specific city. This city is called Babylon the Great. The rulers of this world that worship the Beast give over their allegiance to this city so that they will do all the bidding of the Beast. This city is mighty and fills the Earth ruling over the people of the Earth. But this is all of God, just as in Romans 1 God gives wicked people over to their sin so that they might fulfill its desires, and in the end reap the rewards of their wickedness. So to do these people love the city and give themselves over to its sinful purposes. Just as Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery what they meant for evil God meant for good. The rulers of the nations of the Earth give themselves and their nations to the city, yet; they hate the city, they hate the beast. Why? Because sin is self-destructive the more we serve sin the more empty we become. If we give ourselves over to sin fully there is nothing that can satisfy so that all that is left is bitterness.

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